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Weekly Activities 


The DCPA hosts various shooting activities on a weekly basis. This page gives you an overview of these activities so that you can better choose what may interest and benefit you. You may click on the titles to go to the cooresponding page for that activity. Also, please check the Calendar on this web site for the specific dates & times of these activities.

Monday Night (BullsEye Shooting)
Mondays on Range 1
6:30pm to 8:00pm

Any handgun is allowed (.22, .38, 9MM, .45, etc.).
Three National Match Courses are shot (90 rounds total).
A "Match Course" consists of:
  • 10 rounds of slow (10 shots in 10 minutes) at 50 yards (winter months this is usually done at 25 yards)
  • 10 rounds of timed fire (5 shots in 20 seconds at 25 yards)
  • 10 rounds of rapid fire (5 shots in 10 seconds at 25 yards)
You may elect to shoot one or all three courses using any handgun (.22, .38 or .45, etc.)

This is an excellent practice, a place to get help from experienced shooters and improve your present score. Also, beginners can learn and become familiar with "bullseye" shooting without match pressure. A dinner "get together" is held at the discretion of the activity chairperson.

Rimfire Steel Plate Challenge
(.22 Pistol and/or .22 Rifle)

Mondays on Range 2
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Rimfire Steel Plate is one of the fastest growing reflex target shooting sports and was featured in this year's Steel Challenge Matches. The objective of DCPAs Rimfire Steel Plate Shooting program is to provide an introduction to reflex shooting for novice and other members who wish to get acquainted with steel plate shooting in a non-competitive environment.

All you need is a .22 pistol or a .22 rifle, 60 rounds of ammunition, safety glasses, ear protection, gun box or bag and a hat (optional). An ordinary .22 pistol/rifle is all you need. The pistol just needs to be able to reliably feed through a magazine. You can use a revolver, but a semi-automatic is preferable. If you have more than one magazine, bring it.

Practical Action
Tuesdays on Range 2
6:00pm to 8:30pm

If you like to shoot a pistol and if you would like to learn to become more competent with the handgun in a PRACTICAL manner, then join DCPA's PAL shoots. These shoots approximate as closely as possible the scenarios used in IDPA shoots here at DCPA as well as other clubs. Since scoring is based on a combination of accuracy and time, at PAL we strive for improved accuracy and increased speed.

Shooters participating in this event are beginners, law enforcement, military, weekend shooters, and professional competitors. It is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills, learn from other shooters and be a part of a fast growing international sport.

Equipment required for Practical Pistol competition consists of a safe serviceable handgun and holster. You will also need at least 3 magazines and a belt magazine holder for two magazines. Ammunition should meet the minimum power factors that are required for ammo to qualify for use at an IDPA match.

Wednesday Night (BullsEye Shooting)
Wednesdays on Range 1
5:30pm to 7:30pm

This .22 and Centerfire activity runs all year long. Relays begin at 5:30. Two National Match courses are shot (30 rounds for each course). You may elect to shoot one or both courses of fire. A "Match Course" consists of:
  • 10 rounds of slow (10 shots in 10 minutes) at 50 yards (winter months this is usually done at 25 yards)
  • 10 rounds of timed fire (5 shots in 20 seconds at 25 yards)
  • 10 rounds of rapid fire (5 shots in 10 seconds at 25 yards)
A dinner or picnic is usually held at least once a year.
This is a very informal get-together of shooters who want to shoot using turning targets and practice their skills.

Thursdays on Range 1
5:00pm to 8:00pm

Adults and juniors (ages 12 to 19) are welcome to participate in this .22 rifle event. This event is open to DCPA members and their guests.

The NYS Sporterifle is a postal target competition using .22 cal rimfire rifles and is sponsored by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association. The shooting position is off-hand standing with the target at 50 feet. The sport is designed so that expensive special equipment is NOT required. It is possible to be competitive with equipment you may already own. There is a maximum weight limit on scope and gun of 7.5 pounds. Slings or other devices that provide artificial support are not allowed.

A match consists of 3 completed targets with 10 shots per target. Shooters are given 10 minutes to complete each target. The maximum score per target is 100, with a perfect match score of 300.

Teams consist of 5 or more members. The top 5 individual scores for each match constitute the team score for the match. Therefore members of lower abilities can participate and not be concerned that they will adversely affect the team score. The inclusion of members of any ability can only improve the team score. This is sometimes important to point out to prospective new members.

The DCPA team shoots their weekly matches at DCPA. The team captain compiles the scores and mails them.

Cowboy Action (Practice)
Wednesdays & Fridays on Range 1
5:00pm to 7:00pm

(Rifle and Shotgun - Cowboy Loads only)

This weekly event is a practice shoot to help prepare for the Cowboy matches. All equipment and ammo rules apply, but the dress code is not enforced. See Cowboy Action under Matches and Activities for more information.

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