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Monday Night (Bullseye Shooting)

Meets Monday Nights
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Range 1

Bullseye The DCPA Monday night Bullseye activity cordially invites men and women to come and shoot in an organized but less formal environment. Shooting starts at 6:30pm sharp and ends around 7:40. There is no commitment other than safety and your enjoyment. No scores are kept, but you may keep your own.

What is BullsEye?
Bullseye is pistol target shooting from the standing position. You shoot from an assigned "point", at that point’s designated target. That target is 2’x2’ and is 25 or 50 yards away. The challenge is your group size/score.

The Course Of Fire:
  • SLOW FIRE - 10 shots in 10 minutes at 50 yds (25 yds with a reduced target) (Yes, you can do it. It’s not that hard)
  • TIMED FIRE - two strings of 5 shots, each string in 20 seconds. 25 yds with turning targets (Much easier than Slow Fire)
  • RAPID FIRE - two strings of 5 shots, each string in 10 seconds. 25 yds with turning targets (Not as easy as Timed Fire, but easier than you think)

Your Required Equipment:
  • Dutchess County or other NYS pistol permit or Authority of Office
  • Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection, Stapler
  • Whatever pistol/revolver that you already own (a .22 semi-auto with 2 magazines is recommended but not required)
  • 90 rounds of ammo (a few extra wouldn’t hurt)
  • An open mind and a willing heart

Your Obligations:
  • Safe firearm handling. No exceptions!
  • $5 per week for DCPA members/$15 per week for non-members (pays for semi-annual dinner with the remainder going to the club for expenses)
  • Have fun!

Come Monday and watch. (You may as well bring your stuff and shoot for FREE the first week)

For More Information:
Contact: John Donato
Phone: N/A

Wednesday Night (Bullseye Shooting)

Meets Wednesday Nights
5:30pm to 7:30pm
Range 1

Bullseye This .22 and Centerfire activity runs all year long. Relays begin at 5:30. Two National Match courses are shot (30 rounds for each course). You may elect to shoot one or both courses of fire.
A "Match Course" consists of:
  • 10 rounds of slow (10 shots in 10 minutes) at 50 yards (winter months this is usually done at 25 yards)
  • 10 rounds of timed fire (5 shots in 20 seconds at 25 yards)
  • 10 rounds of rapid fire (5 shots in 10 seconds at 25 yards)
A dinner or picnic is usually held at least once a year.
This is a very informal get-together of shooters who want to shoot using turning targets and practice their skills.
Participation fee is $5 per week for DCPA members/$15 per week for non-members.

For More Information:
Contact: Robert Schnut
Phone: (845) 519-5371

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