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USPSA The United States Practical Shooters Association (USPSA) is a membership of over 14,000 shooters from all walks of life. Members belong and compete regularly in over 400 clubs in the nation. USPSA is affiliated with International Practical Shooters Confederation (IPSC), which has members in over 67 countries.

At Dutchess County Pistol Association we shoot on a regular basis on the fourth Sunday of every month from March thru November starting at 9 AM. Our matches comprise of three to four stages with one classifier. These stages will require anywhere from six to thirty rounds to complete. Stages give the competitor the opportunity to solve shooting courses with speed and accuracy. Some of the stages may require the competitor to maneuver obstacles, shoot around, over and under props. At times the competitor maybe required to stay in one shooting position and may only fire a fixed amount of rounds.

Scoring is based on three elements, speed, accuracy and power factor (caliber of your pistol).

The equipment you will need is:
  • a pistol or revolver of at least 9mm caliber or higher
  • a sturdy holster to draw from
  • at least 3-4 extra magazines and belt magazine holders
  • and of course, the most important pieces, eye and ear protection

We have various types of shooters competing every month from beginners, law enforcement, military, weekend shooters, professional competitors and on occasion nationally ranked shooters.

It is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills or learn from some outstanding shooters and be a part of a fast growing international sport.

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For More Information:
Contact: Terrence Hamilton
Phone: (845) 797-0089

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